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  • Custom Units vs. Wigs

    Feb 12 2019

    The hair industry is exploding in 2019! There are new trends in hair coming forth all the time! And one area that is really on the foref...

  • Maintaing The Integrity of Your Hair Extensions

    Jan 09 2018

    You've bit the bullet and spent your hard earned money on quality hair extensions! You scheduled your appointment with your stylist and ...

  • Quick Do's and Don'ts While Wearing a Wig

    Jun 28 2016

    Here are some basic uses of wearing a wig. Understanding how to maximize your look is also key to looking fabulous. Rocking a wig and wea...

  • Top Reasons Why Women Wear Wigs

    Jun 21 2016

    Wigs have been around for years. But it was only until recently that they started to become popular. For most women today, they are the g...

  • The Benefits of Wearing a Wig

    Apr 19 2016

      Many women in the world today wear wigs for different reasons. It’s not only women of color, but other races as well. The wig industry...