Why You Need A Stylist For Your Extensions


Hair extensions are a wondrous invention. They can transform your hairstyle completely and give you a look you’ve always dreamed of. There is a great variety of extensions available on the market today, so you will definitely find exactly what you need. However, there is one question that many girls ask.

Do you need a stylist to apply and care for hair extensions?

This is a valid question as the Internet is filled with conflicting information on this topic. We’ll try to help you find the correct answer.

Applying Hair Extensions: DIY or Professional?

The most important thing you need to understand when deciding whether to apply the extensions yourself or go to a salon and entrust this task to a professional is the fact that different types of hair extensions require specific care. Some of them can be applied at home, but if you try this with professional extensions, you will not be happy with the results.

Therefore, you need to decide which kind you want to use first. If you are looking for long-lasting results (up to 3-4 months with high-quality products) and the most natural look, you will need to get professional extensions. A qualified stylist who uses specialized tools and products can only apply these.

Note that during such a long period of time, some of the strands can get damaged or loose. Therefore, you will need to visit the stylist a few more times for professional maintenance. These extensions will need to be removed completely in about 3 months because the bonds will become visible as your natural hair grows out.

If you aren’t sure that you want to spend the next few months with extensions or just want to experiment with your hairstyle for some important party, you can try clip-ins that can be easily applied at home.

Their main benefit is the fact that you can apply them at a whim, so you will be able to transform your look completely. This, however, can be considered a disadvantage as well, because reapplying them will take quite a bit of time. All in all, clip-ins are good for experimenting and “trying out” the extensions, and professional products are the best option for those who are determined to use them for a while.

Styling Your Extensions: Will You Need Help?

One of the best things about high-quality extensions is that you can style them in many ways and make them look completely natural. You can straighten or curl them at will, as long as you don’t forget to use heat protection spray and set your tools to medium-to-low heat settings. You won’t need to go to a stylist just to change the shape of your extensions. However, if it’s the color that you want to change, you will have to get some professional help.

Human hair extensions can be dyed along with your natural locks. However, they will react to the chemicals in a different manner, so trying to color them at home will most likely result in a complete disaster. If you want this done right, you should entrust this task to a professional.

Bear in mind that hair extensions should NOT be bleached. Therefore, if you want to become a blond, you should remove the extensions you have now and choose a shade that will fit your new color.