Hair Replacement vs. Wigs


With 40% of women suffering from some form of hair loss, it begs to question what are the options available to treat this problem. While there are many solutions for it ranging from surgical or non-surgical hair replacement, most women choose wigs. However, you may have wondered, what is the difference between hair replacement and wigs. We get asked this question a lot and there is a big difference that depending on your form of hair loss, you should know.


Hair Transplant

Hair replacement refers  to replacing the hairs on one's head through a surgical or non-surgical process.  The surgical solution to hair loss is called hair transplant and is performed by a doctor. The doctor, usually a cosmetic surgeon replaces the hair using a medical technique such as a graft to transplant the hair to the area where there is loss. It can be an expensive and a painful process depending on the degree of baldness. 


Custom Units  

The non-surgical solution to hair loss is called a Custom Unit. Custom units are created by hair loss specialist who are certified in creating these temporary hair pieces to mimic one's natural hair. They are specifically designed to give an illusion of fuller or longer hair. They can be created in many different textures, lengths and colors. The reason they are so unique is their ability to re-create a hair line or area where the hair is missing while still looking very natural as if hair was growing from your head. Custom units are designed on many different bases such as lace or silicone that adhere to one's head.   




Wigs have come a long way since the 60's. They are better constructed and are more comfortable than ever before. Wigs come in all colors, textures, lengths and styles. You can change them every day or opt to have one glued, taped or sewn in for a more permanent solution. Women not only wear them for hair loss reasons but they also wear them for fashion and style. They have become the best option for women whether they are losing their hair or just want to try a new style without the commitment.