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Custom Units vs. Wigs

Posted on February 12 2019

The hair industry is exploding in 2019! There are new trends in hair coming forth all the time! And one area that is really on the forefront is Wigs! Wigs have come a long way since the days that your grandmother used to wear them. There are many different styles and types now. However, there is another type of Wig that is distinctively more unique than your average one, custom units. Let’s explore the difference between a Custom unit and a Wig today!


Wigs are mostly massed produced and sold in your local beauty supply store. They are made to fit the average persons head with styles that are more universal. Although they may sell them in a variety of colors and lengths, they are still meant to appeal and fit most women. 


Custom units are the other hand are unique. They are specifically made to fit your head. You select the hair, the style and colors you want. Then based on your specific measurements, your custom unit is made for you. If you suffer from hair loss due to cancer or alopecia, this is the best option for you. It will address all your concerns plus give you more solutions based on your degree of hair loss. It is more comfortable than a wig, light weight and undetectable. It gives you a more natural looking style that mimics your own hair. Custom units take up to 8 weeks to make and generally last a year with proper care. A professional that is trained in hair replacement is your best source to make your custom unit. The prices vary depending on your degree of specifications and your demographic area. Please consult a hair replacement specialist for more information.